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How to add wisdom in edukami

This wisdom is a guide for creating a new wisdom page in edukami?

2013-04-01, 08:11:16-2014-03-05, 02:28:40

Tips and tricks #

my advices for better wisdom

  • Write from your own point of view, do not be afraid to add "I"
    Remember this is not wikipedia, there is no single point of truth.
  • Share wisdom about topics you are familiar with, based on your own experiencePeople say that wisdom comes with experience. This is the wisdom I believe Edukami will be most helpful with.
  • When adding wisdom in Edukami, think as you talk to a friend. I found that sharing wisdom is easier when I imagine I talk to a friend.

Go to edukami.com #

with your favourite browser

Sign up #

by clicking "sign up" button in upper right corner

Start creating your wisdom  #

create new wisdom page by clicking "create wisdom" button

Add title of your wisdom #

and description

Upload an image for your new wisdom #

by clicking "Upload a file" under the question mark

Start adding your topics #

by clicking "Add topic" button

You can add images / rich text/ markdown/ embed other websites by the buttons bellow
You can also organize your topics and knowledge by clicking "Organize Topics" and "Organize Knowledge" buttons and drag and drop

Preview your wisdom #

by clicking the url

Publish your wisdom #

by clicking the "Publish this wisdom" button in upper right part of the page

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